Pinning in Curo365 can keep you from having to navigate through menus and Entities to return to oft-visited areas of the software. If you find that you keep going back and forth from one tab to another, use Pinning to make that process significantly easier!

To Pin something, follow the steps below.

How to Pin

If you’ve been to a portion of Curo365 recently that you’d like to Pin for quicker access, you’ll find that section already listed in the Recent dropdown in the Power Bar on the left. Click the dropdown to see what’s available.

From here, you’ll see a list of recently visited sections of Curo365. If you hover your mouse over the left side of one of those options, you’ll see a small Thumbtack appear, and clicking it will cause that section to be Pinned.

Once Pinned, it will be quickly accessible in the dropdown directly below it, labeled Pinned

Nice and easy, now you have a View or Section pinned to your Power Bar that is easily accessible for the future!

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