Conflict Checks in Curo365 are extremely simple and require little more than typing in a name and then conferring with your team on what does and does not constitute a Conflict of Interest.

Searching a Name

In the top right corner of the screen, in the Black Ribbon, no matter where you are in Curo365, you’ll see a Magnifying Glass.

Clicking that Magnifying Glass will bring up your Search Dynamics 365 (Curo365) functionality, shown below.

Typing any name, even a portion of a name, into that bar will bring up any instance of it anywhere it appears in your system. For this example, we’ll type in Alex and Press Enter. This brings up our contact, Alex McTesterson, who is associated with the Alex Matter that we’ve seen in other examples.

Clicking on the Contact, we can scroll down and see anything that pertains to this Contact, like these Matters to which Alex is associated, shown here.

From here, your firm can decide if whatever Alex McTesterson is associated with constitutes a Conflict of Interest.

In the event that you don’t want to pull up every instance of the name for which you’re searching, you can also limit your search to specific results by using the Filter on the right side of the Search window, shown below.

Note that when we specify a Filter of Business and then search for Alex, we get no results. This because Alex McTesterson is simply a Contact and not marked as a Business.

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