The Search tool in Curo365 is extremely robust and can be used to find tons of information, but if this is the first time you’ve used the system, we’ll want to set some specific preferences before we start using it. Before anything, we need to make sure that the two Search types are set properly.

Click the Cog on the top right of the screen and choose Advanced Settings.

Next, click Settings at the top and choose Administration.

You’ll see a screen with some large options and their corresponding explanations. Click System Settings.

Scroll down in this window until you find the Setup Search section and click the Check for Enable Relevance Search.

Enabling Categories

Next, click the button that says Select next to Select entities for Categorized Search.

These are the specifying options that you can use when searching for something. You can use these categories to isolate your search results, but this will certainly make more sense in practice. In the meantime, use Add and Remove buttons to get the right side to look like mine. Then click OK.

*Note* - You can add or remove any options that you like (they don’t *have* to look like mine) based on your own preferences, but you can only have a max of 10 in this list.

Now that this is finished, you’re ready to use the Search tool! For a guide on the Search tool, click here.

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