Creating Connections between two objects in Curo365 is a way to ensure that data isn’t missed, important information isn’t lost and searches for one object will always point toward another object. For our example, we’ll connect a Matter to a Contact, ensuring that this Matter always points to a specific Contact as a relationship reference, but you can connect Contacts to Businesses, Businesses to Matters, etc.

Since we’ll be attempting this in a Matter, choose the Matters Entity under the Matters Subheading

And then choose a Matter

Click the Related tab and choose Connections.

Here, you’ll see a list of any other Objects that are already Connected to this Matter. For a new Connection, click Connect.

Here, search for the Name of the Connection. Next, set the Role of the Connection – if you don’t see the Role that you’re looking for or it doesn’t exist, you can also Add a New Role.

After adding a Role, you can either fill in the Description or simply leave it blank.

To finish up, hit Save & Close

Once back in the Connections screen, you’ll see your newly-created Connection in the list below!

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