Before even considering removing a User, you’ll want to ensure that anything assigned to them has either been completed or reassigned to someone else. The last thing you want during a transition period is irons in the fire. You can use the Relevant Search to find a list of Tasks assigned to a User and reassign them, then we can go from there. For a short guide on the Search tool, click here.

First, you’ll need to get to the Admin Center and disable the User’s access to your Curo365 Environment. Click the 9 Eyes (9 Dots) at the top, left of the screen and choose Admin.

Then hit the Dropdown for Users and choose Active Users.

Next, find the User that you’re wanting to delete and click their name.

Start here by clicking the Block sign-in option. This will ensure that they’ll be unable to…do anything that a disgruntled ex-employee might do.

Next, head back to your normal Curo365 Environment, click the Cog on the top right of the screen and choose Advanced Settings.

Click Settings at the top and choose Security.

Then select Users

Choose the User that you’re removing and first remove any Resource Type in the Resource Type field.

Once emptied, click Manage Roles at the top of the screen.

Uncheck any Roles assigned to the user and then click OK.

Finally, we’ll need to remove any licenses attached to the user, so head back to the 9 Eyes on the top left and again choose Admin.

Again, choose Users and Active Users

Click on the User that you’re removing and click the tab for Licenses and Apps

Uncheck any Licenses attached to this User and click Save changes.

Finally, select the User and click Delete user at the top of the screen.

*NOTE* - While you are Deleting the User here, it is not advised to fully remove them from your system in this way unless absolutely necessary or requested by a supervisor or System Admin.

And that’s it! This user is now removed from your Curo365 system and we can only hope that the departure was under good terms. 😊

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