Deactivating a Client in Curo365 is a way of telling the system and your firm/team that this Client is no longer eligible for Billing and shouldn’t be included in certain searches and lists. To begin, go to the Contacts Entity on the left side of the screen

And find the Client that you would like to Deactivate. In this case, we’ll choose Tad Furgeson.

Next, click Deactivate at the top and you’re good to go!

*NOTE* – While you might like this Client to no longer be active, you may find that Deactivating them altogether might take them out of a few too many searches and may remove them as Connections to other Contacts. An alternative to outright Deactivating a Client would be to set their Client Status to None instead, shown below.

Then click Save.

Either way, this Contact is now off the grid!

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