In Curo365, starting a new Matter will require you to select from a set of pre-created Matter Types. Each new Matter Type will begin its life looking exactly the same as all the rest, but throughout your time with the Software, you may make small changes here and there to each Matter Type in an effort to make them work best for you and your Firm, eventually having a Matter Type for each area of your Practice wholly unique from the others.

Additionally, separate Matter Types, even if no changes are made at all, will ensure distinctions in Reports, between Matter Types in the future.

To begin, scroll down in the Action Bar on the left side and look under the Administration Subheading for the entity Matter Types.

*NOTE* - If you don’t see the Administration Subheading, you may not be an Admin or you may not be in your Admin App. Speak with one of your Firm Administrators in order to get new/greater access and clearances.

At the top of the screen, click +New

Here, simply fill in the Name field with what you’d like the new Matter Type to be named, and you’ll probably leave the Default Billable Type empty. The Default Billing Type will allow you to set whether Hourly or Flat Fee Billing is defaulted based on the Matter Type. If you know that a specific Matter Type will *always* use one or the other, then feel free to choose during this step.

Regardless, once finished, click Save & Close at the top, and you’re all done!

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