To create a Flat Fee Service Type, scroll down in the left bar until you find the Administration Subheading and choose the Flat Fee Service Types Entity.

*NOTE* - If you don’t see the Administration Subheading, you may not be an Admin or you may not be in your Admin App. Speak with one of your Firm Administrators in order to get new/greater access and clearances.

At the top of the screen, choose +New

Here, you’ll need to Name the Flat Fee Service Type, as you see below, as well as put a Default Amount that this service will be when used. Don’t worry about pigeonholing yourself into a specific price here, as all Flat Fee Amounts can be adjusted up or down when they’re used in a Matter. If you feel compelled, fill in a Description, but usually, the Name field is sufficient to tell you what this Flat Fee Service Type is all about.

Lastly, we need to Save. If you’d like to create more Flat Fee Service Types, simply click Save and +New again, but if you don’t need to create any more, click Save & Close.

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