Accessing your Business Centers

Look on the left side of the screen, under the Administration Subheading, and find the Business Centers Entity.

There should only be one Business Center at first, as usually we’ll have created a base version you’re your Firm name for initial setup, but if you have more than one, you’ll have to configure them one at a time.

Adding Users

To begin, let’s Add everyone that will be using this Business Center. In the box on the right, you can see a list of current Users in the Business Center, as well as Three Dots on the top right. Clicking those will drop down a Menu that includes + New Business Center User. Click that to Add a New User.

Choose the Magnifying Glass to bring up a long list of available Users, or else type a portion of the Name into the User field and press Enter to bring up anyone that matches the Search.

Finally, click Save and + New if you plan on adding more, or finish it out and go back to the Business Center by clicking Save & Close.

Setting Approval Process

The Auto Approval Process can be a little confusing, so read carefully the next section in order to decide what works best for your Firm. When you Allow Auto Approval, it simply means that all submitted Billings will be approved without a process. Unless you're a smaller firm that has no Approval Process, we recommend leaving this set to No.

The Approvals box will show a list of Approval Steps for any given Billing. The Users listed here will be required to Approve each Billing, in the order in which they're listed.

If you’d like to add more Users for Auto Approval, you can click + New Approval Step.

Fill these Fields in with whatever info makes the most sense to you, understanding that Step # means ‘who has to Approve the Bill and in what order’. Allow Skipping means that if this person is earlier in the chain, Step 1 of 4, for example, and someone further down the chain approves it, Step 3, then Steps 1 and 2 can be Skipped.

BUT, here's a fun workaround for Approvers. If you set all Approver Step # TO THE SAME NUMBER, then an Approval from any of the Approvers will count as completing the Step. In this way, you can have a group of Users who, when they submit a Billing, because they, themselves are Approvers, will have their Billings Approved automatically, but if anyone NOT on this list submits a Billing, it will only need to be Approved by ONE OF THESE Approvers, as anyone of them will be Completing the Step.

Decide what works best for you.

Next, you can Bypass Approvals for all users on the Business Center level, using the Fields below. Choose the best one for your Firm.

Setting Accounts

Lastly, scroll down to find all of the Accounts that were populated during creation. In a previous Guide, found here, we discussed how to either Create New Accounts or Configure Existing Accounts with your Firm and Bank information. Those will all come into play here. Use those Accounts to fill each of these fields below. Many of them may already be correct, but some will require accounts that you personally created – in those cases, delete the one that’s already listed and choose the one you created.

*NOTE* - Most of these fields require an entry, so even if you don’t plan on using them, be sure to leave them with their dummy info. See an Admin if you’re unsure of the purpose or what’s needed for any of these accounts types. Once all these are filled with your preferred info, click Save & Close.

If you made it this far, congrats, your Business Center is ready to go!

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