Before we start to work in Curo365 (or anytime we want to update the Bill logo) , we’ll need to make sure that the Logo is in a .PNG format. To check this, see if the file’s name ends in .png.

Example: bestfirmloago.png

If it does, you’re already good to go, but if not, you’ll need to use a program, such as (free download, stable, solid program) to open the File and save it as a .PNG. Once your file is in a .PNG format, you’re ready to begin!

Once logged into your Environment, click the Cog on the top right of the screen and select Advanced Settings.

Next, choose Settings at the top, and select Customizations.

And then click Customize the System

On the left side, without expanding anything, click Web Resources

First, click the Quick Filters option. It starts Black, and once clicked, turns White.

Next, choose the small Dropdown next to Display Name, and choose Custom Filter.

Here, we’ll say that we only want to see only Files whose name Contains the word Logo. Then click OK.

And here, you see the logo.png. Double-click this file to open it.

*IMPORTANT NOTE* - If you don’t see a File named EXACTLY as you see above (and you know that you followed the instructions to the letter), contact your Implementation Consultant, as you may be missing a couple of Files.

Next, we’ll Upload our new .png by clicking the Choose File option here.

Once finished, click Save, followed by Publish

Once finished, you can Close the two windows that you opened and find your new Logo in your future Bill PDF’s!

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