Rate Types in Curo365 are used primarily during Matter creation and subsequent Billing on that Matter. Choosing a Rate Type will allow you Bill on using the Rates associated with that Rate Type, and we have more information on both of those options in our Guide for using Rates in Matters, found here, and our Rates Workshop, found here.

But before we can use a Rate Type, we have to create them! Note that your Environment will come with some preset Rates Types and you may not need any additional one, but in the even that you do, let’s start by choosing the Rate Types Entity on the left side of the screen, under the Administration Subheading. Always remember, if you don’t see this or other options, you may not be an Admin, so check with your Firm Administrators for clearance to access this Entity.

Once there, see the selection of Rate Types at your disposal, and if a new one is still necessary, click +New at the top.

On the next screen, the only required field is the Name, as the Owner will already be filled in and the Description is isn’t necessary unless you feel like you need one (and for more unique Rate Types, you may feel that way). Once a Name has been filled in, you can either click Save and +New to create a new Rate Type, or Save & Close to be done!

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