The word Records in Curo365 is used to refer to any data set or collection of information that constitutes a certain Record Type. When in any Record, the Record Type will be denoted under the title of the Record, as shown below.

And a second example.

Records in Records

In Curo365, Records are often intertwined with one another, as shown below. Every instance of Blue Text is actually a link to another Record, usually of a different Record Type, and clicking any one of them will take you to that Record, leaving behind the Record in which you’re currently working.

With few exceptions, any Field with a Magnifying Glass will be looking for a Record of a specific Record Type. Here, you have three options:

1 – You can either type a portion of the Record that you’re looking for and let the system Search for it after pressing Enter (on your Keyboard):

2 – You can scroll through the options and the various Views to find the one you’re looking for (you may have to click Change View in order to get the remaining options to show up).

3 – You can create a completely new Record of that Record Type by clicking the +New (may be named slightly differently, per Field/Record Type) option.

Going with Option 3 will usually pop out an option on the right side of the screen to create the Record on the same screen, without having to leave the current Record on which you’re already working. Once you fill everything out and hit save, it will fill the initial Record Field that you were clicking with the newly-created Record.

Record Creation

If not creating a Record within another Record, as shown above, you can create the Record from the Entity with a corresponding name. So, for our example, in order to create a new Contact Record, we need simply to go to the Contacts Entity on the left and click +New.

There is, however, another clever way to create a Record in Curo365, especially if the Record Type doesn’t have a corresponding Entity, and that is through the Advanced Find tool at the top right of your Curo365 Environment. Click the small Funnel (or Wineglass, as I’ve heard it called) at the top right.

Once here, find this dropdown. Everything in this first dropdown is a Record Type in the system. You can scroll and see quite a few actually exist under the hood. Choose any one of them (preferably one for which you need to create a Record), and then click the Red Exclamation Mark at the top of the page.

The system will now pull up every instance of that Record in Curo365. You may pull up hundreds of results, thousands, or even none, but we’re not concerned with the results of the search. Instead, we’re concerned with a new button that’s appeared on the top left. By clicking the New XXX button (where XXX = the Record Type you were searching), we’ll go into an interface to create the Record for whatever Record Type we were searching! If you’re ever in a situation where you need a specific Record Type but aren’t quite sure how to get there, this method is a handy backdoor.

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