When creating a Payment, you can manually Allocate funds to specific Charges on specific Bills, and for a full Guide on that process, click here, but if you’d rather the System simply Allocated your Payment for you, based on a collection of preset logic, this Guide will show where to find that option.

*NOTE* - This Auto Allocation logic is built from Auto Allocation Configurations, so if yours isn’t behaving properly or your Configurations have never been set up, use this significantly-more-involved Guide here for the process by which you can set your Auto Allocation Configurations.

The Auto Allocate Button

To begin, you’ll need to access your Payment. There are few ways to find a Payment that you created, but for our Guide, we’ll go directly to the Payment Entity on the left side of the screen.

Select the Payment you want.

And then simply click the Auto Allocate button at the top of your screen!

Next, you can choose the Matter to which these Payment Allocations will be applied, as well as decide what the Max Amount is that will be applied to the related Bills.

Give it a few minutes, refresh the page, and then you should see the Allocations that were automatically created from this process!

If you don’t see the button or, after pressing it, it’s not Allocating in the way that you would like, you can, again, check this Guide here for information on preparing your Auto Allocation Configurations, or you can check with your System Admin for more information.

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