Batch Transfers in Curo365 allow you to create a collection of Transfers from the Transfers Entity (a Guide for which can be found here) and send them through to your Financial Institution all at once for processing.

Once created, they need to be populated and then Completed, where the system will take it from there and update the Status of the Batch as it gets information from your Bank or other Financial Group. Usually, this system is used in conjunction with the Business Central integration, but it can be used with others.

As is the case with Bank activity in the real world, you wouldn’t want to send simply one transaction to the Bank to be taken care of at a time, but, knowing there would be a delay and that fees might apply, you’d want to get a set together before going. The Batch Transfers in Curo365 run along the same line of thinking. Read on and let’s figure out how these work!

Creating a Batch Transfer

To create a Batch Transfer, begin by choosing the Transfer Batch Entity on the left side of the screen.

And then click +New in the top Ribbon.

When first getting into a new Batch, there’s not much here. To begin, click the small Arrow/Carrot on the top right and expand a hidden menu. We’ll use this section to name our new Batch. Also note that, when Batches are created, they’re automatically created in Draft Status and will remain there until Completed.

As far as setup is concerned, that’s it. This needs simply to be named and Saved!

Adding Transfers and Processing the Batch

Once you have a Batch, you’re ready to add Transfers to it. For a Guide on Transfers and how to apply them to a Batch, click here. Otherwise, this Batch will simply sit and acquire transfers in a Draft state until you come to Complete it.

To access your Batch, find it in the list of Batch Transfers here.

Click Complete in the top Ribbon.

And see the following message. This is telling you that, once clicked, you can’t go back. It will send the Batch Transfer to your Financial Institution for processing, and that will be that, so be REAL SURE before you click Proceed!

Once Completed, the Posting Step will show Draft until your Financial Institution does something with the Transfers. And that’s it!

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