The Dynamics365 plugin allows your Outlook App to interact with your Curo365 Environment. Once connected, you’ll be able to link emails to specific Matters, create appointments from within Outlook that will show in Matters, and drop attached documents directly into Curo365 from emails. Those and many other features about how the plugin actually functions can be found in a guide here.

This guide, however, will focus on setting up the plugin for first-time use.

Enabling the Mailbox

*Note* - These steps will mostly be the same whether you’re a solo user configuring the plugin for yourself, or an admin user configuring the plugin for a group, but in places where the steps vary, this guide will delineate between ‘for yourself’ and ‘for a group’.

*Important Note* - This process cannot be completed until you’ve signed into your Outlook Desktop App with the email address that you use to login to Curo365. Once you’ve logged in and configured the Outlook App, you can complete the process below. There is no guide available for setting up your Outlook App, but one of your system administrators can assist you!

From the main screen of your Curo365 Environment, choose the Gear on the top right of the screen and select Advanced Settings.

On the next screen, choose Settings on the top and click Email Configuration.

Next, click Mailboxes

*Note* - You might get a popup that says Pending Email Approval, but simply click Close when it appears.

*If Enabling only Yourself* - Hover over your name and put a checkmark here: 

*If Enabling More Than One Person* - Click the Carrot next to My Active Mailboxes and choose Active Mailboxes.

Here, you can select (put a check next to) everyone for whom you’d like to enable the Dynamix365 plugin.

Next, click the name of the person that you’re enabling

And ensure that all three of these options are set to Server-Side Sync.

*NOTE* - You may not actually want Server-Side Synch on for Appointments, Contacts and Tasks, so be sure to check with your IC or one of your System Admins if you're uncertain. Usually, however, all three will be set the same.

Click Approve Email at the top, then OK to the window that pops up and then wait for the status bar to fill.

Finally, click Save & Close in the top, left corner of the popout window.

Now that we're back to the previous screen, click Test & Enable Mailbox at the top and choose OK when the popup asks for permission.

After this email has been approved and enabled, you’ll need to wait for these four fields to show Success before continuing.

You can use the Refresh button on the right side of this window (shown below) to check your progress.

Applying the Dynamics365 App

Click Settings on the top again and choose Dynamics365 App for Outlook.

Click the checkbox for the user/users for whom you want to add the app in Outlook and choose Add App to Outlook.

Once again, you’ll need to wait on the status of this to change before you’ll see the app up and running in Outlook, but this particular wait could be upwards of 10-15 minutes. Use the Refresh button to check on the status, but once completed, you’ll see the following to confirm that it’s done.

And that’s it! When next you open Outlook, login to your email and choose an email, you'll see a Dynamics365 button at the top right that looks like this!

Again, if you’d like to see the plugin in action in your Outlook App, click here for a guide on what it is, what it does and how to use it!

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