First, open a Matter by clicking the Matter Entity on the left side and choosing your Matter.

In this screen, click Related toward the top and choose Connections.

Next, click the Connect button.

Type in the Name and select the User, but you may find that you pull far too many results to know which one is correct. In cases like this, click the Types of Records feature, shown below.

If you choose the Contacts (or whichever) option, it will filter out only Contacts from which you have a much more manageable Search. Then you can select your person.

Next, you’ll need to Add a Role. Click the Magnifying Glass and choose one of the options.

*Note* If the Role for which you’re searching isn’t an option, you’ll need to get with a system admin to have the Role added.

Lastly in this box, add a Description for what this Connection will be doing or why they’re relevant.

And finally, click Save & Close.

From now on, Searching for this name will show them Associated with this Matter.

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