Resource Types in Curo365 can be used in 2 different ways to achieve the same result. You can use them to either:

1 - To denote the position of a User

2 - To denote a specific User

While a Resource Type can be used to denote Paralegal, Articling Student or Partner, as a few examples, you can also use it simply put a User's Name, like Matthew or Biff, meaning that they are their own, unique Resource Type. Adding Resource Types in this way will create more work on the front, but will allow for greater granularity of Rates on Matters in the long run.

I highly recommend getting an idea for the full Rates System by watching the Rates Workshop found here, or by looking into how Rates are created in our Rates Guide, found here.

After you decide the best way to handle the Resource Types, it's time to create them. First, click the Resource Types Entity on the left side under the Administration Subheading.

Click the +New on the top left to create a new Resource Type

Here, fill in the Name, but you can leave the other two fields as-is.

Finally, Save & Close and you’re all done!

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