Even though most Record Types in Curo365 are accessible via an Entity or within the Quick Create option (click here for a guide on Quick Create), Appointment Types require a little extra finagling to access. For this example, we’ll access Appointment Types from an existing Matter, but if this is your very first time in the software and you’ve yet to even create a Matter type, click here for a Guide on creating New Matters. Once you’ve created your first Matter, come back here to continue this Guide.

Otherwise, go to the Matters Entity under the Matter Subheading,

And choose any of your active Matters

Next, find the Related tab at the top, click it to reveal a Menu of Options, and choose Appointments.

Once in the Appointments interface, click +New Appointment at the top, but know that this is simply to create a new Appointment, not an Appointment Type. Appointments will appear on calendars, but Appointment Types are the type of Appointment than they could be.

In our last roundabout way of getting to where we need to be, click the Magnifying Glass, but rather than selecting any of the existing Appointment Types, click +New Appointment Type.

This will pull you out of the Appointment interface, so simply Discard Changes and ride the train to our next stop.

Now we’re finally where we need to be, the rest is simple.

Name the Appointment Type whatever you’d like it to be called when you select it.

Choose the Type of the Appointment, either Deadline or a Meeting.

Create the Color of your Appointment - the Color that it will appear on your Curo365 Calendar - by putting in a Hexadecimal value that corresponds with a Color. This is a fun little feature that shouldn’t be ignored, so use this link here find an HTTP Color Coder, find the Color that you want and copy the Hex value out of the top, as shown in the second picture below

Finally, the Owner is the Creator and can be left as your name.

Lastly, we need to Save. If you’d like to create more Appointment Types, simply click Save and +New again, but if you don’t need to create any more, click Save & Close.

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