Creating Appointments in Curo365 is easy and extremely useful for keeping track, not only of Dates and Meetings with various people, but also of keeping track of Deadlines. You can create your various Appointment Types using this Guide here, but once those have been set up, this Guide will show you how to use those Appointment Types to better organize your day!

Creating an Appointment within an Entity

Appointments can be made on the Entity level, and the best and most common examples are on the Contact Entity and the Matter Entity. For our example below, we’ll look at the Contact Entity for how to create an Appointment.

Within any Contact, at the top, should be a Tab for Related, and in that Tab should an option for Activities. Click that now.

On this screen, you’ll see a button for + New Activity, and clicking that will show a dropdown menu containing Appointment. Choose that!

Here, you can fill in the data and set your Appointment. When finished, hit Save and Close.

Appointment Quick Create

A second way to create Appointments is within the Quick Create menu at the top of your screen. In fact, most of the things that you need throughout the day can be accessed via the Quick Create, and if you’d like to know, see this Guide here!

Otherwise, click the big Plus Sign (+) at the top, choose Activities.

Then choose Appointments.

Here, you’ll see another window pop out where you can fill in all the required Data for an Appointment. When finished, click Save & Close!

Appointments from the Dynamics/Outlook Plugin

One of the neat things about using the Dynamics Plugin in Outlook is that it allows you to create meetings and appointments that also sync with your Outlook Calendar (as well as anything else to which you sync your Outlook Calendar).

To make this work for you, first access a Record in Curo365 through the plugin, as we’ve already done above, and then navigate to the Activities section. For this example, we’ll show this on a Matter level. To start, click the Three Lines and choose Matter.

Then choose the Matter on which you’d like to add the Appointment.

Next, click the Three Dots/Ellipses, and choose Activities.

Next, click the Plus Sign to add a new item and choose Appointment.

Put in your Appointment details like normal, and then click Save and Close.

And that’s it! Since you’re using Outlook *and* sending it to Curo365 via the plugin, this Appointment will sync to both the Matter and your Outlook Calendar! But one thing to note – depending on how long your poll is (how long it takes for Outlook to sync with other software) it could take upwards of 20 minutes for the Appointment to appear on your Outlook Calendar.

All of these Appointment methods will get you what you need, so choose your favorite and never miss a meeting again!

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