In this guide, we’ll look at how to add a new User to a Business Center. In order to do this, the User *must first* be entered as a user in the Environment. For a guide on adding Users to the Environment, click here.

First, click the Dynamics 365 dropdown at the top left of your Curo365 Environment and select Dynamics 365 – Admin.

Next, scroll down on the left side in the Action Bar until you find the Administration subheading and the Business Centers Entity. Click here:

Next, choose the Business Center to which you’d like to Add a User, by clicking the name of the Business Center.

On the right side of the screen, you’ll see a box containing all of the Business Center’s current Users. Near the word Users, you’ll see an Ellipsis. Click the Ellipsis and choose +New Business Center User

Here, you can put in the name of the User that you’re looking for or select them from the list that populates. *If you don’t see the user that you need*, they likely haven’t been added to your Curo365 Environment. Use this guide here for details about adding users to your Curo365 Environment.

Finally, click Save and Close and you’re all set!

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