*NOTE* If this is your first time in the Search Tool, please be sure to configure your Search Tool first by following this guide here. Otherwise, read on!

*ALSO NOTE* - If what you're seeing doesn't look like mine, scroll down to the second section of this Guide for the Updated Search Tool recently Implemented by Microsoft (as of 2/20/21).


First, click Magnifying Glass

This will open you into the Search window in the Categorized search type for the first time, but after you select Categorized or Relevance, it will default to the last one that you used each time that you reopen the Search.

Categorized Search will allow you to specify results in a particular category, which you’ll see below, while Relevant Search shows you how often the data appears and where it’s been used most. Both have their advantages, so let’s see an example of each.

For this example, I’ll Search the Matter Name in Relevance Search

Note that Relevant Search brought up anything with the name ‘Alex’ or the word ‘Case’, as its looking for any instances of those words.

In the above window, Record Type shows the types of records and how many of each may contain relevant information.

Owner, on the other hand, will show you the people that are associated with anything regarding 'Alex' or 'Case'.

Clicking on either of these options will further isolate the results and allow you to find exactly what you need.

Another way to isolate your options to put Quotes around specific information that *must* be in your Search. See the example below. Note that when we used quotes to specify that we *only* wanted to see results for "Alex Case", we pull one single result, one single Matter entitled Alex Case.

Now let’s contrast this to a Categorized Search. Searching for Matter name in Categorized Searched brings up options that could appear in one of our options from the Dropdown to the right. It shows us a Bill from the Alex Case Matter, as well as the actual Alex Case Matter.

And using the Dropdown to select a specific category, we see that, Matter, in this case, shows us only one option. Use the Categories to isolate what you’re specifically Searching for.

Use these two Search options to find exactly what you’re looking for, every time!

Microsoft's Search Update

As of 2/20/2021, Microsoft has removed the Magnifying Glass at the top of the screen and replaced it with a Search Bar when Relevance Search is enabled. This means that you'll now see this for Searching.

We'll Search for McTester here. Using this Bar will bring up results pages that look like this.

Note that everything is still here, just in a different place from the example above. We still see that we have Results shown by Record, how many, and the Records listed below.

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