Creating Billings from the Matters Entity

We’ll begin by covering the process from the Matter’s Entity. As always, choose the Matters Entity on the left, below the Matters subheading

and then select a Matter from the list.

Once in the Matter, find the +New Billing option in the Billings section, shown below:

Fill in the information here as necessary, but one thing to note: if this is a Flat Fee Matter or if there have been Flat Fee Services added, the Flat Fee Service field may have something entered into it already. IF YOU DO NOT want to Bill to a specific Flat Fee Service, you’ll need to click the X and remove that Flat Fee Service from the Billing entry. Everything else can be filled in as you see fit, including teh Markup/Markdown area. For a guide and explanation on Markups/Markdowns, click here.

Once finished, click Save and Close.

To Submit this Billing Item, select it in the Billings box by clicking the invisible Checkbox on the left side, and then click Submit.

Creating Billing Items from Daily Work

Alternatively, Timed Billings can be created from the Daily Work Entity. First, find the Matter for which you’d like to create a Timed Billing in the Matters Section toward the bottom of the screen.

Once located, look at the very right side of the line on which you Matter appears and choose the small Stopwatch option.

Click the Stopwatch and find the following interface.

Once again, you’ll need to remove any Flat Fee Services to which this might be applied and fill in the rest of the data, so click the small X, shown below, and fill in the rest of the Info as required. Once finished, click Create Billing

These will go to the Unsubmitted Billing Entries portion of the Daily Work Entity, and once here, just like before, they can be Submitted by clicking the small Arrow on the right side of the Entry.

And that’s all there is to it! Create your Timed Billing Entries, Submit them and let your Billing Department take care of the rest!

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