The intended use for a Markup/Markdown in Curo365 is for adjusting the amount of a Timed Billing entry by either adjusting the value up or down a set dollar amount. In this way, you can keep the initial Time Value that was set as well as the initial Rate for record-keeping, but you can discount or increase the final entry amount as you see fit.

To begin, head to the Billings Entity on the left side of the screen. Conversely, you can also reach the Billings from the Bills Entity or see each of the Billings in a Matter from the Matters Entity.

Regardless of how you get there, choose the Billing entry that you’d like to adjust by Double-Clicking any area without a Hyperlink

and then look toward the bottom of the Billing data section for the Markup/Markdown field.

Here, you can add a Positive Value for a Markup or a Negative Value for a Markdown and the system will automatically calculate the new Total after you press Enter or simply Click out of the Field.

Finally, click Save on the bottom right or press CTRL+S on your keyboard to Save the change.

Now you can see the updated amount in the Billing Entry, as well as see it reflected in your Totals and in the Amounts (once that Billing Item has been Submitted) when you click View PDF and review the PDF there.

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