A Bill Fee is a way of keeping track of any increases to an existing Bill. Bill Fees can also be set en masse from a Business Center to be automatically applied when a Bill is created. For a guide to the Business Center, click here, and for adding a single Fee to a single Bill, read on!

In order to add a Fee, first head to the Bills Entity on the left

and choose an existing Bill.

*NOTE* - Only Bills that have *not* already been Approved can have Fees or Discounts added. For this reason, it is suggested that you filter your Dropdown to Pre Bills before selecting a Bill.

Once in the selected Bill, choose New Fee at the top.

Then enter some Text to explain the purpose of the Fee

Select the type of Fee

And put in an Amount for the Fee

Finally, choose Save and Close at the bottom of the Fee section and the new Fee will be applied to the Bill.

Scrolling down the right side of the Bill Entry, you can see a section for Fees that shows not only the total amount of Fees added, but also the date of the most recent update to any Fees.

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