A Write-Off allows you to forgive some or all of an existing Bill.

To get started with a Write-Off, find the Write-Offs Entity on the left side of the screen.

Once there, click +New on the top

Once the following screen appears, either type in the Bill number or other identifying info, or simply click the Magnifying Glass to select from a list. This will bring up the Bill to which we would like to apply the Write Off.

The Amount field will default to the Bill’s Amount, but you can adjust the Amount down if you don’t want to Write Off the total Bill.

Even though the Bill is associated with a Matter, you still need to choose the Matter in case the Bill is associated with more than one, so select the Matter now.

And finally, write something into the Description field for a Description of the Write Off.

Once all the necessary fields are filled in, click Save and Close at the top.

In the Bill’s general screen, you’ll be able to see the total of Write-Offs in the Write-Offs section, as well as the most recent date of a Write Off either being added or an existing Write Off be changed.

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