In order to bill time against the Flat Fee Service Item, we’ll need to first create a Billing Item. Effectively, you’re making a Time Entry against the total or remaining value of the Flat Fee Service and then applying that Time Entry to the Flat Fee Service. There are two ways that this can be done, and we’ll cover both below.

Option 1 – Create the Billing Item from within the Matters Entity

Right below the Flat Fee Services box, you’ll see another box that says Billings. To create our Billing Item in this way, click + New Billing here:

This will bring out a box interface on the right side of the screen where you can fill in the relevant data for the person who is billing time against the Flat Fee Service Item. You can also attach this Billing Item/the time spent working it to a Task. For more information on Tasks, click here.

The Hourly Rate field will default to your user settings, and upon entering time spent, the system will automatically calculate the Amount owed. From here, you can manually override the final dollar amount using the Markup/Markdown option. For a guide on Markups/Markdowns, click here.

*NOTE* - The Flat Fee Service field in the example below. Assuming that you have only one Flat Fee item against which to Bill, it will default to that item here, but if you have more than one outstanding Flat Fee Service Item, you’ll need to select the proper one in this box.

Finally, click Save and Close

*Note* - Billings for Flat Fee Services won’t show in the Billings box and will need to be submitted from within the Flat Fee Billing Entry to which they’ve been applied. These can also be submitted from the Daily Work Entity, and we’ll be looking at that soon. Before that, let’s see how to submit them within the Matters Tab.

First, choose the Flat Fee Item to which these have been Billed by double-clicking on any of the empty space.

Next, in the Billings box *within* the Flat Fee Service Item, put a Check Mark by any of Billings that you’d like to Submit, and click Submit on the top right.

Once the Submission goes through, you’ll see the Status Reason change to Ready To Bill, and your Billing department can take over from there.

Option 2 – Create the Billing Item from the Daily Work Entity

Back in the Daily Work Entity, find the portion that says Unsubmitted Bill Entries, and look for the options on the top right of the section, shown below. To create a new Billing Item, click the small Stopwatch Icon.

Here, you’ll need to associate it with a Matter, either by using the Matter Number or the Matter Name. The rest of the information needs to be filled in the same that it would have been in the previous example, so be sure that all red boxes are completed.

Once completed, you can either Save and then Submit, or else Submit directly. The Save icon is a small Disk, and the Submit icon is the Arrow.

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