In a previous guide, we’ve seen how we can create Billing Entries in both Flat Fee and Hourly Billing Matters. For a refresher on either of those, as well as how to Submit them for approval, click here for Flat Fee and here for Billings (Time Entries). Once those Bills have been submitted for approval, someone needs to approve them! This guide will show you how to find the Bills, generate a Pre-Bill, Approve the Pre-Bill, Generate the PDF and then Email or Print for Sending!

Where are My Bills?

In the power bar on the left side, under the Accounting subheading, you’ll see the Bills Entity. Click that to begin.

This next page will usually default to Pre Bills, but in case it doesn’t, click the dropdown carrot at the top and go to Pre Bills now.

Next, we'll need to Generate the Pre-Bills. Click +Generate Bills at the top of the screen.

Here, a new window will pop out asking for which Bills you’d like to Generate. By default, this will be set to the last day of the previous month, but you can change the date by clicking the Calendar icon shown below. Further, you can specify a range date for the Bills that you’d like to pull by clicking the Dropdown and choosing the other option.

We’ll go ahead and Generate all ungenerated Bills up to this date, and as you can see, I initially wrote this guide on 4/23/2020!

One other option you'll see in this window is the

The next small window will tell you how many bills processed and if there were any errors. If there are any errors, get with one of your System Admins to ensure that the Bills were entered correctly. In our example here, everything is fine!

Exit out of this window and refresh the browser to see the Bills that you created in the Pre Bills view.

Approving Bills

Both of the Bills below are now Ready for Approval

Here, you can click each Bill and double-check them before you approve them. You can also preview the PDF and ensure that it’s set the way that you want it to be by clicking the top, left button, Preview PDF.

If you’d like to change the information displayed on the PDF, you’ll want to speak with your System Admin.

Once completed, click Approve at top

And click OK in the window that pops out

If you go back to the Bills Entity and back to the Pre Bills view, you now see one less Bill waiting for Approval.

You can continue approving your Bills one at a time like this, or you can select multiple Bills by clicking in the checkmark area on the left of each Bill, selecting the ones that you want, and then clicking Approve on top.

*BONUS FEATURE* - If you were to click the Bill Name (number, 10015 from our picture above) and go into the actual settings of the Bill, you'd find a lot of information, but noteworthy for this example, you'd find Period End Date. If you set that date to a day in the future, this Bill would continue to receive Generated Billings and Flat Fee Services until either the date hits or the Bill is approved (described below. Set a future date and continue to addon to the BIll!

After you’ve approved all of the Bills, they’ll need to be sent out. Click the dropdown on the top and go to the All Bills Created view.

Here, you can Generate individual PDF's, or put a checkmark next to each Bill requiring a PDF and Generate en masse.

And clicking OK

*NOTE* - The View showing your Bills will contain anywhere from 50-250 Records on the same screen, depending on your settings. This means that you may not be able to select every Bill that you want in the first pass, and may instead need to select multiple sets of Bills for whatever you're trying to accomplish.

*ADDITIONAL NOTE* - If, for some reason, a Bill is Deleted, all Entries on that Bill will be released back into the pool of Ungenerated Billings. Those Billings or Flat Fee Services will then need to be Generated again onto a new Bill.

Printing and Emailing Bills

Finally, you’ll be able to Print or Email the PDF that you created depending on how the recipient wants to receive their Bill (saved within the Client/Billing Contact information). In the dropdown above, you can choose Bills Ready to Email or Bills Ready to Print (download and Print) and see which of the recently-Approved Bills are in each view.

Here, you can check multiple Bills intended for the same Recipient and consolidate them into one Email, as shown below.

IMPORTANT NOTE - The below screenshot is simply showing our ability to select multiple Bills and then click Email - these are *not* all for the same client and would, therefore, *not* all be grouped together in the same Email.

Or you can click a single Bill and choose Email from within that Bill.

Regardless of which method you use, you’ll get the following box. Here, you can have the system automatically consolidate Bills for Clients/Matters of the same name, or you can leave it as it is and simply do the one, single Bill. Once set, click OK.

Once these have been sent, the System will automatically Mark the Bill as Emailed to help you keep track of what's already been sent through your Firm's Process and what hasn't.

For Printing PDF’s that need to be physically mailed, find the Bills Ready to Print dropdown.

When you click a bill in Bills Ready to Print, you’ll have the option to Download it to your computer as a PDF for later printing. Additionally, these can be done en masse, so select the ones that you want to Download and choose Download at the top of the screen to bring them all into your computer in one file.

Now these Bills are ready to be printed and mailed out.

In the case of Printed Bills, you'll want to manually mark them as Printed for the purposes of record-keeping. Unlike Emailing, however, the system can't mark these Automatically because it won't actually know when it's been Printed. Choose the Bills you've Printed and then click Mark As Printed, as shown below.

And that’s it! You can now Generate and send out your submitted and approved Bills!

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