Before you can create a Rate, know that it will need to be tied to a Resource Type and a Rate Type. If a new/different Resource Type or Rate Type is required for your Rate, you can follow these Guides for creating a new Resource Type here or a new Rate Type here.

Additionally, if you'd like a Guide on the entirety of the Rates Process, click here for the Rates Workshop, which will take you through Rates from start to finish!

Additionally, creating Rates requires Admin permission levels. If you need Admin permission, see your local System Administrator.

Click the Rates Entity under the Administration Subheading on the left side of your screen.

Click +New

Fill in Resource Type. The Resource Type will be the Type of User to which you'll apply this Rate. Perhaps your Case Managers or Legal Assistants will use one Rate while one or more of your Attorneys use a different Rate.

The Matter Type will likely not need to be filled, as this Rate will likely be applied to multiple Matter Types.

The Billing Period will likely be your current fiscal year.

Set the Rate Type as you see fit or create a new Rate Type by clicking +New Rate Type

Set the Price to whatever the hourly for the Resource Type/User would be.

Set the Alternate Price to whatever makes sense – many users set this to a discounted rate.

Next, click Save (not Save & Close)

And finally, click Activate Rate. A dialogue box will pop up, but go ahead close it when it does. It will spin forever if you let it.

*NOTE* - Sometimes, even though you Activated a Rate, it will still not be active in the Matter in which you expect it to be active. In these cases, you'll have to force the system to activate the Rate by clicking Flow and choosing TempActivate Rate. If you do not have the Flow option at the top, please let us know, as it may need to be enabled for your Firm.

Another box will appear, and you can simply click OK when the window pops up.

Lastly, hit Refresh

And note that the rate now shows as an Activated Rate.

This Rate is now ready to be used in all future Matters and Billings!

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